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The Chase and Recovery

Like any great adventure, there needs to be a chase and it all starts here just a couple minutes east of the launch site.


Navigating our way closer and closer we could see that our payload had landed in a forest.

IMG_0753 IMG_0757

IMG_0758 IMG_0759

As we neared the GPS coordinates we could see the forest.IMG_0760

We arrived on site to this! Hmmm…the tweets said it all!




You can see our payload in the tree that looks like its growing out of the top right hand corner of the picture.  At some point while starring up into the trees, there was the idea of cutting down the tree to retrieve our package.

A visit to a local farmer/homeowner asking if we could borrow a chainsaw failed and we then returned to the house of the person whom we felt owned the forest land to tell them who we were and the situation that we were in with our HAB science project.  I did asked if they would be ok with cutting down the tree however, the farm and the trees had been in the family since they settled in the area nearly a century ago.

An alternate plan was considered, we needed to find someone who could climb the tree for us.  Many phone calls to local arborists and tree service companies were made.  I think Julie had a good laugh at our own expense because each call had me asking “Do you climb trees?”  Sometimes she could hear a laugh or odd comment come from the person on the other line.  One would assume that arborists/tree service companies would climb trees but not all do.  A few of those we spoke to about “climbing a tree” said that they would get back to us, one was Chuck Guy who said he would get back to us at some point on Friday.  It was the end of the business day so we were forced to call off the recovery of our payload.

We made a quick stop for a cold drink and a snack!  I recognized the gas station from one of my favourite TV shows “Suits”.  No selfie, but I had to make mention of this stop.


After a short drive back to the school, I made one more call to a family member who works for the fire department in the Whitby area, the thought “firefighters climb trees sometimes” or at the very least know someone who could.  He ended up connecting us with Chuck “The Tree” Guy whom we had already spoken to.  Maybe this would be the key to our recovery.  Our other option was our office managers son, who climbs poles as a part of his job.

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