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#peel21st November Blog Hop: A New Year

Tina said it right….

“This hasn’t been a typical fall start up but we know all around there have been amazing moments of learning.”

I’d like to share two pieces of my 2015-16 puzzle…

First, in the days leading up to the new school year there was great excitement.   As the year began at Countryside Village we were preparing for the unknown, why?  The answer was old news, we are holding at the Peel Hotel “James Grieve Public School” as we await ministry approval for the funds to build the “Countryside Village Public School”

Still, my nerves were getting the better of me because I would start the year with a class unlike last year. It was however, a small class of “9” with just 1 male student. My thoughts, “We were out numbered!”  On the first day,  he was concerned, myself not so much.  Who wouldn’t be happy the have a 1 to 9, teacher to student ratio.  The learning that could go on.  The REALITY was, my class would grow as the houses closed in the CSVPS neighbourhood and the learning would go on.

My other Ah Ha moment of this school year was just as we are doing here….Getting them “my students” going….on Blogging!  I started the year with a plan to have my students keep a blog that would serve as a place to share their/our learning journey throughout the subjects as we dive into learning with an inquiry approach.  I knew that this would be a challenge much like the shift in learning that they would experience here at Countryside Village.

Looking back at the first severals weeks of the school year, I introduced the idea of blogging, many students had that look of shock.  I guess it may have been the fact that they had never blogged before.  Some showed signs of interest, some did not.  We started by exploring the Edublogs dahsboard to get familiar with the interface that we would use for blogging.  Some students explored the App for their device, others would get their first experience using a Google Chromebook.

Most of my students were interested in customizing the look of their blog.  With the 100’s of themes, every student had the chance to put their own mark on the blog that they would keep.  From there we set up categories and a menu structure for their main page.  This would serve the purpose of keep entries with common threads connected and in one place.  Once this was done, we were ready to begin writing or so I thought we were.  Where would we start?  Something random?  Something with a purpose?

After a little thought, I had the class start with a Bio page, a place for future blog followers to get to know the author, the learner that would be sharing their journey.  Within a few days, the Bios began popping up in my reader and on the student sites.  From a few sentences long to paragraphs, the students began sharing a little about themselves.  We had made the leap.  The students were now blogging.  The next steps, more posts!  Topics, unknown!

Here are some of the other memorable moments from the 1st couple months of the 2015-2016 school year as shared by some #peel21st colleagues!

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Revisiting Blogging

When I found out that I would have a class of my own this year I revisited the thought of having my students blog as a showcase of their learning.

This was my vision….


And while we have created our blogs, customized their look and made a few entries I feel that we have not made an effective use of the blog.

So today we reflected on my vision and refocused ourselves. Next setting personal goals for blogging, writing and tweeting out what we share!

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