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One Thing Leads to Another


It was a late January day, in the Countryside Village Library Commons, the grade six class of Ms. Harper were about to dive into their exploration of space.  This first step was the immersion, give them time to see what space was all about.  Of course, on this day myself and Mrs. Simons our teacher-librarian/inquiry support joined the class, talking about what they were reading, asking questions and making some general observations about the things the students were saying.  Inevitably this got us talking about space, and space exploration which included conversations about Lego Man in Space,  Virgin Galactic and the Mars One project.

What happened next could not be predicted and I cannot recall exactly but I vaguely remember Susan saying “Let’s send George to Space!”  My response, “that would be awesome” who were the students here the teachers or the kids.  Standing there in awe was…

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#peel21st Twitter Chat : Learning Spaces in the 21st Century

Last week the word went out to #peel21st followers that we would be holding a chat focusing on “Learning Spaces in the 21st Century”

I was excited to gather some input for evolving some of the empty spaces at Countryside Village and a twitter chat would be an excellent place to acquire this input.  With anticipation Tina, EricaMelanie and I shared a discussion through email about the Q’s that would guide our chat.  The concern, could we distract Teachers from deadlines, due dates and report cards?  I would say that we were successful with an enticing conversation about learning spaces.

The discussion began with introductions and the question…

and so…

along with discussions about comfy furniture with build in charging capabilities, fluid spaces, 3d printers, 1-1 devices, large windows, outdoor spaces….the conversation about 21st century spaces was a buzz.

We then tossed in a poll, 1-1 Computer Labs? Yay or Nay.  Consensus, not really the group participating were split.

And then…


Q3 brought us to…

Lots of discussion focused on promoting, and fostering learning for the sake of learning, self-guided exploration, inquiry, creativity, sharing, authenticity, play, accountability, expectations, learning goals, etc.

and the evening wrapped up with…

and our #peel21st Tweeps shared…

What a great chat.  

It has certainly left my mind a buzz as I consider the direction for my space.  Will it be #makerspace, #fluidcommons or a #mix….I would love your input.

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