Learning in the 21st Century: What does it mean to you?

I had been anxiously awaiting another #peel21st Blog Hop when Jason @jrichea put out the call “tweet”.  Topic, “Learning in the 21st Century: What does it mean to you?”  in 100 words or less.  “Not a problem”, I said.  And so, I left it at that and the week passed quickly and so did the weekend.  And earlier today, as I was working with the Grade 3’s @CountrysidePDSB my mind began to wander into “blogland”.  Ideas, and thoughts floated about my head like a child excited to see the Christmas catalogues arrive in the mail. And…my thoughts about “Learning in the 21st Century”:

  • Knowledge at our fingertips
  • The 6C’s
  • More powerful technologies in our hands, apps, web tools and more
  • An understanding that learning in the 21st Century and beyond is much different than what we have experienced in the past.  A focus on ideas, creativity, connectedness, risk taking and problem solving.
  • The following, TedTalk



Susan Campo – http://susancampo.ca/

Shivonne Lewis-Young – http://slewisyoung.wordpress.com

Greg, Pearson – http://leaderinadigitalworld.blogspot.ca

Phil Young – https://sphillipyoung.wordpress.com

James Nunes – http://joyousteaching.blogspot.ca

Donald, Campbell – http://ateachingyear.wordpress.com

Ken Dewar – https://mysite.peelschools.org/personal/P0031112/Blog/default.aspx

Graham Whisen – http://ideaconnect.edublogs.org/

Heather Lye – http://teachinginspiraXons.blogspot.ca/

Lynn Filliter – http://assessmentgeek.edublogs.org

Debbie Axiak – http://debbieaxiak.blogspot.ca

Alicia Quennell – http://aliciaquennell.blogspot.ca/

Jonathan So – http://www.Mrsoclassroom.blogspot.ca

Jim Blackwood – http://jimmyblackwood.wordpress.com

Jason Richea – http://beyondangrybirds.blogspot.ca/

Tina Zita – http://misszita.wordpress.com

Engy Boutros – http://engyboutros.wordpress.com/

Sean Broda – http://mrseanbroda.blogspot.ca/

Sean Coroza – http://seancoroza.wordpress.com/2014/11/18/greetings-from-a-blogger-newbie/

Josh Crozier – 

George Couros – http://georgecouros.ca/blog/archives/4910

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  1. Great list! LOVE the Ted Talk that you shared – play, passion, purpose is at the heart of 21st C learning.


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