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Greetings from a Blogger “Newbie” #peel21st blog hop

Sean, a great start to making those connections.

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Hi everyone,

So I know most of you are ‘seasoned veterans’ with the blogging world and so I am very excited to be joining you all with my first post!

The Question:  What does 21st century learning mean to me?

I think it means a lot of things.  I will try to answer this question from a teaching perspective and a learners perspective.

21st Century Teaching

I’ve always tried to be a better teacher by trying new activities in my classes and creating experiences where student risk taking is at the forefront of learning.  I find that embedding the use of technology within  lessons has created experiences  in my classes that I would have never thought would have existed when I first started teaching 14 years ago. To me 21st century ‘teaching’ is focused solely on the student.  Every time I have my students use technology i’m asking myself some…

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#Peel21st Blog Hop – What Does 21st Century Learning Mean to Me

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I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many #Peel21st educators and other members of my twitter PLN to discuss 21st century teaching and learning and what it means to us.  When the #Peel21st Blog Hop was presented I was excited to share as I missed out on the first round.  Read on to learn what I think about the meaning of 21st century learning and then check out the other blog posts listed at the bottom of my post.  

Happy Reading!

When @jrichea presented the #peel21st Blog Hop I was excited to participate. I was even more excited that the topic was 21st Century Learning and what it means to me. I’m having difficulty articulating it. Images of BYOD, Twitter, #geniushour and inquiry float around. While I certainly feel that those are elements to successful 21st Century learning I don’t think they define it. When I think about my own two children Keelyn…

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Above All Watch with Glittering Eyes the Whole World around you because the greatest secrets are hidden all around you. -Roald Dhal (modified)

“It means freedom for my students to find an entry point through several different learning styles and abilities in my class.” Freedom, I never thought of it that way, I had always phrased it as choice.
Thanks for sharing

A Teaching Year

Jason Richea invited me to give a hundred words about what 21st century learning means to me. I had to think about that.  It means so many things to me, but I have only 100 words.

WHOOPS! I almost forgot this is a part of a blog hop with Peel District School Board.  So once your done here click a link below and see some other answers from some others in Peel.

What does 21st century learning means to me?

It means freedom.

It means freedom for my students to find an entry point through several different learning styles and abilities in my class.  It is liberating to be able to see my students search for information and be able to consume it and display it in ways that they, and others can relate to.  In turn I have to remind my self not to be a gate keeper when it comes to my students.  Give…

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Learning in the 21st century: What does it mean to you?

Your are correct, the talk is almost always about “a new tool, app, web-site, kit, toy, or device” and while there is great potential in each, they are not responsible for the way students learning.

Making things... Learning Things

Every day I read or hear about a new tool, app, web-site, kit, toy, or device that is reported to have a significant impact on student learning. Actually, none do. The way they are used might.

So-called “21st century skills” (such as collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking) have been arbitrarily chosen… and they existed long before the new century. These skills, and many others, have always been important in education.

However, the ever growing potential to use powerful technologies to facilitate thinking and share learning is empowering, invaluable, irresistible. So, to me, learning in the “21st century” means that students are learning how to use technology to better think, create, analyze, learn, and share.

Of course there are many people far more eloquent than I:

Thanks for reading this post! It was part of a #peel21st blog hop that transpired on November 18, 2014.  Please take a look at the…

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#peel21st Blog Hop: Learning in the 21st Century is…

Cannot say that this is not true, “Everything has changed: The list of digital inventions continues to grow. Information at our fingertips. Limitless ways to contribute to a global understanding.”

Miss Kit Kat

After a successful #peel21st blog hop in September, a few of us decided to take another stab at it. We hear the term 21st Century learning often but what does it mean to each of us. Don’t forget to hop over and see the other blog posts listed at the end.

In trying to define 21st century learning, it seems so much has changed and then at times nothing has changed.

Nothing has changed: Learning is learning. Relationships are still essential.  Play and discovery still draw in the young and old. Real world experiences help learners transfer from the classroom to the big wide world.

Everything has changed: The list of digital inventions continues to grow. Information at our fingertips. Limitless ways to contribute to a global understanding.

With the passion of educators of the past and new digital tools of today, learning in the 21st century is continual, empowering…

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Learning in the 21st Century: What does it mean to you?

I had been anxiously awaiting another #peel21st Blog Hop when Jason @jrichea put out the call “tweet”.  Topic, “Learning in the 21st Century: What does it mean to you?”  in 100 words or less.  “Not a problem”, I said.  And so, I left it at that and the week passed quickly and so did the weekend.  And earlier today, as I was working with the Grade 3’s @CountrysidePDSB my mind began to wander into “blogland”.  Ideas, and thoughts floated about my head like a child excited to see the Christmas catalogues arrive in the mail. And…my thoughts about “Learning in the 21st Century”:

  • Knowledge at our fingertips
  • The 6C’s
  • More powerful technologies in our hands, apps, web tools and more
  • An understanding that learning in the 21st Century and beyond is much different than what we have experienced in the past.  A focus on ideas, creativity, connectedness, risk taking and problem solving.
  • The following, TedTalk



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