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Notability iOS and OSX – #peel21st blog hop

I jumped at the opportunity to share a favourite tech tool when Tina sent out the Tweet.

Of course my enthusiastic, react before I think attitude got myself signed up to share about a tool that I had yet to consider sharing about.  Problem, of course not, I am also the “What app? What is its name? Ok, I’ll try it type”  Over the next week I thought about the tool that I would write about.  A couple days ago as I was using one of my now go to tools, I finally decided that I would share my experiences with  “Notability“.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.12.20 PM


While I have used many note taking apps, Evernote and OneNote to name a couple. Notability has demonstrated versatility within one app and across the Apple platforms that I have yet to find efficient with the others.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.04.54 PM


To date I have typically found myself creating notes on my iPhone and them working with them further on my Mac.


First you can link with your Dropbox, Google, Box account for easy backup and access elsewhere.


There is then the flexibility of being able to share via a variety of services both suited for Apple and non-iOS/OSX based devices.


Notes can be created on various different backgrounds or paper styles.  Blank being created for sketching on imported photos, etc.  Graph and lined great for students who have difficulty without or who are trying to create something that needs structure.


Basic features on the iPhone allow text based notes, sketches, photos from the camera or camera roll which then can be annotated as well as audio notes recorded.  I have yet to experience a limit to audio recordings within an individual note.

Overall, I would say that this has been the all-in-one note taking tool that I have been most pleased with.


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A New Journey Has Begun

The end of the “summer” and the Labour Day weekend signalled the start to another school year.  Certainly the summer itself was not what many in Southern Ontario expected it to be.  It was cooler than normal and probably much less sunny.  I couldn’t complain, the much less humid summer meant more time outside with the kids playing with the neighbourhood children.  There were many days where it was a challenge to bring them in to cool off and take a break.  We would often eat lunch outside and continue where we left off.  We as a family enjoyed the summer, even though it could have been warmer and sunnier.

Beyond the daily hustle and bustle of enjoying kid life, there were always the thoughts ahead to the new school year, and the journey that lie ahead in opening a new school.  The was much uncertainty, I would constantly have the thoughts of needing to plan out what my year would look like.  What teacher doesn’t look ahead to the coming year, even if they are on break?  The answer is few, so as I envisioned the year ahead, I also realized that I could be planning for a grade that I may not teach.  In turn this allowed me to think more generally about how I would approach a group of students who were likely going to be coming from various different communities.

So, here is to a new year, in a new place with some familiar faces but many new ones.

Day 1: Tony Pontes, Director of Education (Peel District School Board)

Thank you Tony for this contribution to the Project for the 2014-15 year. I believe there is such great value in seeing our leaders a part of the whole rather than a separate entity. I too share in your excitement for another great year in Peel as I start a journey with Countryside Village Public School.

Peel21st Project 188


Dear colleagues,

Happy New (school ) Year!  I hope you are as excited as I am about the start of another great year.

My name is Tony and I work at the HJA Brown Education Centre.  I love to play golf and tennis and to hike through beautiful terrain.  This summer my family went skydiving.  Notice I said, my family, not me – I was the official photographer with both feet on the ground!  I also love to see staff get excited when they see their students succeed.

And that is where all Peel staff come in.  Peel is blessed to have dedicated, caring staff who, every day, inspire success, confidence and hope in each student.

Over the past year, we’ve made great strides in setting a directional vision for and in using technology in the classroom to boost student engagement.  In fact, we’re recognized around…

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