It’s the half-way point and…

The thought for 2nd term is to integrate social media into every aspect of student learning.  So, the wheels were set in motion.  I began consider the curriculum I had to cover and determine how I could align the various social media platforms to work with each.  What social media would I consider using, Twitter (My current outlet when in search of Professional Learning and I will talk more about this is a future post), Storify (What better way to bring all of those tweets together), Smore (Let’s promote what we’ve learned about), Facebook/Google+ (Still thinking about these), Pinterest (Let’s Visualize) and I am sure there will be others that come to mind as plans move from thoughts to keystrokes.

One of my leading reasons for bringing these various forms of social media into the classroom was to model how the can be used in positive ways, to enhance learning experiences, and to share with others outside the walls of our classroom and school.  Now I understand that in the end that most of these are social platforms and it will take some convincing both with my students and their parents that we can make use of social media as a learning tool.  Of course we have already been using an educational based social media platform “Edmodo” since the beginning of the year to support our learning.  The difference between Edmodo and my 2nd Term plan was the potential global connection that we could make with our learning and the new environment that we would explore using the mainstream social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

The first step would be to inform parents of my plan.  To reassure them that these tools would only be used for learning purposes and that the worries they might have could be set aside.

The second step would be to continue developing my students as responsible digital citizens.  To grow their understanding of social media beyond their current knowledge which for many was quite limited, some was significant and others virtually non-existent.  A quick hands up survey showed that those using some form of social media were dedicated to either Instagram or Twitter.

I would love to hear your opinions on the use of social media in the classroom, does it have a place?

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  1. Maybe you could post a copy of the letter you used to inform students and parents?


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