The new #BYOD challenge…parents!

Staff and students were enthusiastic about the opportunities that BYOD would bring to the classroom, and with a giant push forward by new face @JanetJackowski gave as she splurged with a purchase of iPads for staff to explore using mobile technologies in the class we dove in.  Parents…parents were an all new challenge, their children were convinced that BYOD was the new reality in school but with out the support of  parents there was no “OWN” in Bring Your OWN Device.  For students who did not already bring their iPod or Smartphone with them on the walk to and from school, to keep them connected with a parent or to listen to a recently downloaded song; there was the challenge of convincing a parent of the benefits BYOD could have on the learning environment.  Teachers knew of the potential benefits and surely had share these with the students in their class but for many parents, the word concern was synonymous with BYOD.  Concerns were valid and understandable but the allowing ones child to bring a device to school was not much different than allowing them to carry a device with them on a trip to the mall or grocery store to keep them entertained while they would complete some every so necessary  but no so exciting shopping.  The concerns were, “What happens if they lose the device?”,  “What if their device is stolen?”, “what if they device gets broken?” and many more similar questions about what if’s that if we still dwelled on would render BYOD a failed endeavour.  But as staff @treelinepdsb we talked to parents, listened to the concerns, and shared that we would work with students to develop a strong sense of ownership, responsibility and respect for their own devices, the devices of their peers and those that the school would provide for student use.  Parents understanding the potential learning benefits of BYOD would see the light.  The BYOD culture was growing, the learning environment changing, BYOD was in full-effect for a good part of the Treeline student population.  But how would we support those who were unable to BYOD?

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  1. Love it Phil!
    The grand leap of faith…parents entrusting their tech tools to their children. Conversely, a child left without experiences shell shock in class and may feel left behind. Parents must be willing to invest in their child’s future.
    1 digital tool = pencils, pens, binders, paper, markers, pencil crayons, backpack, calculator, agenda, etc…x at least 5 years when cared for (yeah, buy a protector)…worth every penny due to the learning potential via device implementation in learning environments.


    • It is, the tech tools many parents have are costly, and maybe they know their children all to well or maybe they have never given the opportunity of responsibility for something of such monetary value. But you are right that 1 digital tool which cared for, can replace years of multiple supplies students often have the parents go out to buy at several points throughout the year.

      On the other side of the argument the facts is that we cannot ignore the important traditional learning opportunities that cannot be replaced with a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


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